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Wynnejoy Holistic Wellness, LLC


  • Discover a unique massage experience.

  • Let go and receive healing, relaxing touch.

  • Experience customized, focused treatment for areas of pain, tightness and edema from an expert in the body.

  • Receive corrective techniques to address movement dysfunctions.

  • Expect compassionate care.

  • Ask about lifestyle modifications to maintain wellness.

  • Find relief, flexibility and wellness.


Wynne is a different kind of massage therapist.  She brings 15 years of experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, trained to help you recover from injuries and surgeries, find better health with medical conditions, or simply to improve your physical alignment and body habits to find more freedom in your life.

Receive a thorough physical assessment before your massage and bodywork treatment if you wish.  You may also ask for a customized home program to address your areas of concern.

While Wynne has extensive clinical training and experience, it is also essential every client feels kind, compassionate care. Your whole well-being is always the primary focus.

Wynne has also been a registered yoga teacher for a number of years. Request private yoga sessions, with or without massage, designed specifically for your particular physical and holistic needs.

Stop in once for that special treat for yourself.  Gift a treatment to a loved one.  Establish a regular wellness program just for you.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 



Meet Dr.  Wynne Geikenjoyner, PT, DPT, MS, LMT, RYT

Wynne weaves together her experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Registered Yoga Teacher into a unique and healing blend of treatments. Do you have an injury or condition? Do you wonder if your massage therapist is knowledgeable in that condition and able to both keep you safe and also facilitate your healing? Wynne’s extensive training will ensure your safety and your healing process.

Wynne received massage training from Arizona School of Integrative Studies in 2015-2016 and is licensed in Arizona. Her massage and bodywork practice hones in on the issues you bring to her attention, and helps you find relief by combining her physical therapy knowledge base and skills with a variety of massage techniques including connective tissue, neuromuscular therapy (trigger point technique), Swedish massage, sports massage, Shiatsu, and Lomi Lomi, all suited to the healing status, textures and sensations in your tissues. She has also received training in Ayurvedic massage and principles, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy and polarity, and may incorporate some of these techniques in your treatment as appropriate. 

Wynne is an Arizona licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. She earned her doctorate at Northern Arizona University in 2005, and has had a diverse practice treating patients ranging from the critically ill, to those recovering from traumatic injuries and surgeries, to athletes, to those experiencing chronic pain. She has completed advanced training in normal and high-risk pregnancy, postpartum and pelvic floor rehabilitation, as well as conditions affecting the vestibular system and associated balance impairments. Additional training has included specialized orthopedic courses, strain-counterstrain technique and dry needling to very specifically address myofascial trigger points and associated painful or otherwise limited areas.

In 2010, Wynne became a registered yoga teacher, trained at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the largest retreat and holistic wellness education center in North America. Kripalu yoga incorporates postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation techniques to facilitate integration of body, mind and spirit into a healthier, more mindful experience.  Benefits include improved strength and flexibility, focused awareness, cultivation of clarity and compassion, and a deep sense of being truly alive. Wynne has taught both privately and in a yoga studio setting.

When not helping you with your wellness needs, Wynne can be found hiking, running, backpacking, tending her organic garden and greenhouse, dancing in the kitchen, cuddling her two cats, Ozzie & Aslan, volunteering as a botanist for a local conservation organization or toward community food growing and networking, traveling the wide world or our amazing regional backyard, or doing any of the above with her adventurous husband, Mark, and son, Zendé. 

Come discover wellness, ease and focus.  Schedule your session today.


Testimonials from Wynne's Clients

“Wynne is an intuitive and empathetic healer. Her wide variety of massage techniques reflects her knowledge of anatomy, and her understanding of tissue physiology and circulation in promoting tissue healing, from both acute and chronic mechanisms of injury; and to support recovery from physical exercise or sport training. In addition, she is an excellent communicator and adapts what is necessary in treatment to what the client tells her, as well as what the client’s body tells her is the best technique and pressure for the massage.”  

–Anne Hart, PhD, PT

“I found Wynne to be a consummate professional with an intuitive mind as well.  Her years of experience as a physical therapist have given her an added depth of understanding of the human body that is evident when she gives her massages.  Wynne makes it a priority to understand what my body needs and gives an individualized massage, based on what issues I am facing that day.  Wynne makes you feel truly cared for as a person and not just as a person with tight muscles!”

–Sara O’Keefe, RN


“Wynne has a one of a kind touch that fosters healing at the deepest of levels. Her physical therapy background adds so much depth to the deep tissue work which created permanent relief from whiplash I incurred from a bicycling accident. Her knowledge and experience makes her the perfect choice for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Her loving touch and emotional healing though goes far beyond most of the energy work I have ever received, helping me find a path to heal deeply seeded trauma. No matter what is affecting you; emotional, spiritual, or physical, Wynne is one of the best healers you will find in Northern Arizona."

-Robert Bruce Arnold, Jr., massage therapist and athletic trainer


A PT consultation includes detailed evaluation of your neuromuscular or musculoskeletal condition on your first visit, and establishment of plan of care, which may involve a brief treatment depending on the complexity of your issue(s).  Initial sessions are typically 60-90 minutes.  


Subsequent visits may include manual therapies, exercises, postural and body mechanics instruction, gait and balance training, dry needling and development of a home program. Options will be presented to you, and you will have an active roll in choosing your plan of care, and making changes to affect the life you wish to achieve.  Subsequent visits are typically 45-90 minutes. 


Rates charged are based on length of session, primarily, but additional charges may apply for certain treatment options.

Each session is customized, focused or whole body.  You may request techniques like deep or connective tissue, Swedish or sports massage, neuromuscular therapy (trigger point work), and more.  You may prefer a blend of techniques Wynne selects for you as she observes and feels your tissues and movement patterns.  Wynne treats all ages, including pediatric, adult and geriatric, and also during pregnancy.

A typical first massage and bodywork session includes a complimentary 15-30 minute intake with assessment if specific issues will be addressed, followed by a 90-minute treatment.  60-120 min sessions are available.  WynneJoy organic oil blends, with essential oil aromatherapy, are included to complement your treatment, or you may choose unscented oil or lotion if you prefer.

Parents must remain present during massage for children <14 years, and for at least first massage for youths 14-17 years. Option for custom designed 30-min yoga lesson for $30 for parent and child after first massage.


Schedule a full class or series of classes, or simply learn a few poses or breathing techniques to help you achieve your physical, mental and spiritual goals.  


Full private classes are preceded by a complimentary 30-45 minute consultation to establish your yoga goals.


Private customized classes are typically 75-90 minutes, and include a centering meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), warm up movements (pratapana), postures (asanas), and guided relaxation (savasana).  Enjoy an opportunity to focus your mind, connect with your body and discover freedom within yourself.


Discounts apply for small group practices.

Massage is $80 for first hour, $40 every 30 minutes thereafter. Pediatric massage is $70/hr.  


Physical Therapy is $100 for first hour, $25 every 15 minutes thereafter.  Certain supplies for specialized treatments may incur a small additional cost.


Private yoga classes are $70 for first hour, $17.50 every 15 minutes thereafter.  $20/hr per additional participant, max 3 students.   

Exercise prescription after massage is $40, and includes demonstration, practice & written instructions emailed to you. 

Gift certificates are available.

DISCOUNTS:  Receive $10 off your next session for referring a new client.  Ask for a loyalty "punch" card to receive 50% off your 5th 90-minute massage after the first 4 regular-price 90-minute massages.  You may combine this offer with a referral discount, but not with other discounts.


4247 Canyon Loop

Flagstaff  AZ  86005




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